About Eisermann & Avendaño Bird Studies Guatemala

We (Knut Eisermann - Engineer in Nature Conservation, and Claudia Avendaño - Biologist) have been studying the birds of Guatemala since the mid 1990ies. We are inscribed researchers in the national registry of CONAP (National Council of Protected Areas), national authority for research permits. Until 2018, we carried out and published most studies under the umbrella of PROEVAL RAXMU Bird Monitoring Program, which was part of PROEVAL RAXMU (Asociación de Proyectos Evaluados Raxmu), a non-profit and non-governmental organization for nature conservation and sustainable development in Guatemala. Eisermann & Avendaño Bird Studies Guatemala is a private initiative. When not doing field research or writing up papers, we design, organize, and lead CAYAYA BIRDING tours in Guatemala.

At Eisermann & Avendaño Bird Studies Guatemala

  • we contribute to the knowledge on the ecology of Guatemalan bird species and populations.
  • we evaluate human impacts on bird populations.
  • we identify critical areas for conservation.
  • we develop awareness towards nature conservation among local people.
  • we support the conservation of natural areas.
  • and we build local capacity.

juvenile Bearded Screech-Owl
A fledgling of Bearded Screech-Owl.
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